Vanessa Cage Made To Cum

16156 p 11 450x300 Vanessa Cage Made To Cum

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Vanessa Cage has been told she has to walk through a cemetery as her pledge to join a sorority. She doesn’t scare easily so this was no problem for her and when she hears a noise instead of running away she goes looking for it. She ends up in a tomb where she discovers loads of fucking machines.

She strips off and sticks one machine dildo in her pussy and holds an Hitachi on her clit as she ramps up the speed on the machine. she goes through orgasm after orgasm before moving onto the second machine with a much bigger dildo which she puts up to even higher speeds as the orgasms become painful.

Next she moves on to sit on a Sybian and forces herself to sit still as she goes through more and more orgasms. She squeezes her nipples to take her mind off it but keeps going through one brutal orgasm after another. You can see Vanessa Cage having one forced orgasm after another at Fucking Machines.

Big Tits Halie James Forced Orgasms

8439 p 14 450x300 Big Tits Halie James Forced Orgasms

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This was Halies James first try at the kinky sex so they wanted to test her limits. They used a machine on her thinking she would tell them when it was deep enough, that never happened. She took the whole dildo at full speed giving her forced multiple orgasms, in fact the had to hold the machine to stop her taking the steel shaft as well. It pounds her fast enough that her huge tits flap up and down before she is turned over onto hands and knees to take the machine from behind. The machine pounds another painful orgasm from her while her tits rest over the back of a chair and a vibrator on her sensitive clit gets her screaming. She’s oiled up and placed on the Sybian where more orgasms are pounded from her leaving her a dripping mess. This and many other scenes can be found at Fucking Machines.

Charlotte’s Forced Multiple Orgasms While Tied To Bamboo

7954 p 14 450x253 Charlottes Forced Multiple Orgasms While Tied To Bamboo

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When Charlotte was handed to John Henry for a scene on Hogtied he decided to use bamboo to hold her tight as he forced orgasm after orgasm from her. Tied against a pole with bamboo and a ballgag in her mouth he gets her first orgasm from a vibrator before being laid on her stomach for an ass spanking. A dildo is inserted with a vibrator pressed aginst her clit where she is made to have multiple orgasms. Another dildo is placed in her mouth before she is dildo double penetrated with one put in her ass as she has another orgasm. Her nipples are tied and she is sat astride a bamboo pole with her sensitive clit taking her full weight. Tied standing next she has a vibrator placed against her clit pulling orgasms from her as pegs are placed all over her body and she is whipped. Hogtied and this and many more forced orgasm vids.

Mia Li Forced Orgasms From 7 Machines

34141 18 450x300 Mia Li Forced Orgasms From 7 Machines

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Mia Li really has no limits and even after seven fucking machines she still was happy to keep going. She is stripped off and placed on her back for the first one while sitting on a swing seat. She goes through a few orgasms before they change up to a lot bigger dildo machine which pounds out some brutal orgasms so intense she starts shaking.

Flipping her over another maching is used and this one is set at full speed and as deep as it will go. An Hitachi held on her clit means she is practically going from one forced orgasm to another within seconds until she is just continuously dripping. Being made to have multiple orgasms doesn’t seem a problem for her though as she holds the Hitachi there even after the machine is taken away.

Led on her back for the next machine she also has nipple suction added to get her more excited as the machine pounds more orgasms from her. Vibes on her nipples help but she just won’t stop adding an Hitachi to her clit herself. The vibes are moved over her clit as another machine gets more forced multiple orgasms from her before they admitted defeat. She even looked upset when they took the machines from her. You can see Mia win the battle at Fucking Machines.

Katie Kox Forced To Orgasm In Bondage

8532 p 11 450x300 Katie Kox Forced To Orgasm In Bondage

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Katie Kox first scene at Device Bondage is a great one. She is bound bent backwards over some wood with her hands and feet tied to the ground using metal pipes. Her massive tits are tied with elastic bands so tied her tits turn purple and then the fucking machine Alpha is inserted. The machine starts off slow while her tits are mauled then it’s turned up fast with a vibrator used on her clit forcing orgasms from her. She is made to lick her own pierced nipples and more painful orgasms are brought from her as the machine is turned to full speed. It’s going that fast and deep her stomach starts to shake, either from the machine or the intense orgasms. Go to Device Bondage to see more of Katie.

Chloe Camilla Tied For Forced Orgasms

11613 p 11 450x300 Chloe Camilla Tied For Forced Orgasms

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Chloe Camilla came into this scene with a reputation of being insatiable, in fact she claims to have had 30 orgasms in one meeting so the guys knew what to aim for. She is stripped and vibrated to orgasm before the machines get some use. Her legs are tied spread and her arms above her head and a rope gag to keep her quiet.

The Fucksall has two large dildos on it for some double penetraion then inserted deep before being put on low speed and with a vibrator on her clit brings some orgasm. With every orgasm the speed is turned up and the vibrator pressed harder. The vibrator gets some more from her then she is fingered before lying on a couch.

A ballgag is fitted and clamps spread her pussy lips as she is vibrated firectly to her clit. After that another fucking machine is inserted and put on full speed as the vibrator is held in place until she goes through a load more orgasms. Watch Chloe have forced multiple orgasms at Fucking Machines.

Two Sluts Forced To Orgasm Many Times

8210 p 16 450x300 Two Sluts Forced To Orgasm Many Times

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When Isis was handed Holly Heart and Tara Lynn Foxx as subs she came up with the idea of a coming competition. She decided that the girls would be made to have multiple orgasms with the winner being the one that lasted the longest. She used clothespins on nipples with electricity running through it to warm the up and forced pussy licking along with a zapper. Next was the best bit, both placed on a Sybian they were gagged and tied with arms behind there backs with copper rods in front an back of them. Each time they squirmed there tits touched the rod and they got zapped meaning that even through orgasm they had to sit still. You could hear them screaming through every forced orgasm even through the ball gag. A cane was also used to throw them off and even to press their clits onto the Sybian making it an even more painful orgasm. Next they were tied with legs in the air, an electric buttplug inserted and a vibrator used on their clits bringing more orgasms before a cattle prod was introduced. This scene from WiredPussy is great for those of you into forced multiple orgasms.

Jenna Presley And Charley Chase Forced Orgasms

15189 p 09 450x300 Jenna Presley And Charley Chase Forced Orgasms

Watch these two try to outfuck each other

Jenna Presley And Charley Chase are fighting for the job of a lifetime. Every weekend they must ride fuck machines and have as many orgasms as possible. The winner gets a job where they just have to use the fuck machines and lie by the pool with every need catered for.

Jenna starts off using Big Blue, a massive dildo on a fucking machine and has 3 squirting orgasms one after the other while on her back, the dildo coming out as she squirts then a second later going straight back in. She bends over then to take Big Blue while on all fours as deep as it can go.

Next it’s Charleys turn. She starts off sat on a Sybian and takes orgasm after orgasm with Jenna in charge of the controls. Jenna tries to outdo her by not stopping the Sybian even after Charley has a forced orgasm leaving her sore. Eventually Charley takes the Sybian in her ass to give her pussy a rest. This competition means loads of forced multiple orgasms which you can see at Fucking Machines.

Lorelei And Charley Compete For Most Forced Orgasms

8285 p 07 450x300 Lorelei And Charley Compete For Most Forced Orgasms

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When Loerlei Lee challenges Charley Chase to a competition to see who can be made to have multiple orgasms the most Charley is happy to accept. Charley starts by driving a steel pole into Loreleis ass without any lubricant then using a vibrator on her clit to bring about the first forced orgasm using forceps on her nipples and fingering her to help it along. Lorelei then is made to sit on a Sybian as Charley is made to use a machine. The Intruder, the fastest fucking machine around with a 10 inch dildo is used and it isn’t long before Charley has a squirting orgasm with Lorelei using a vibrator on her clit as the machine pounds in and out. Lorelei isn’t far behind either, squirting all over the Sybian. By the time these girls are finished they call it a tie and set about mopping up the floor. Go to Fucking Machines for this great scene.

Rain Degrey Forced To Orgasm

8162 p 12 450x299 Rain Degrey Forced To Orgasm

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Rain was delivered to Hogtied already tied up and gagged. Her tormentor cut her clothes from her and shoved her knickers in her mouth to keep her quiet then went to work straight away with a vibrator. He was under orders to get as many forced multiple orgasms as possible from her so he went to work as quickly as he could. He tied her with her legs apart and bound her tits then tied her pussy lips wide. He got his first forced orgasm from her by leaving a vibrator pressed against her clit then tied her leaning backwards on hands and knees with a block of wood in her back keeping her arched so she could be fingered to another painful orgasm. With her nipples tied to rope and stretched the vibrator is used again till she’s left a puddle on the floor. That was enough for her but not him, a dildo in the ass and a vibrator on her clit brought many more painful orgasms till she was begging him to stop. Go to Hogtied to see this great scene.