Holly Heart Triple Penetrated

11075 p 09 450x300 Holly Heart Triple Penetrated

Watch Holly Heart Forced To Orgasm

Holly Heart is admittedly one of the biggest sex maniacs on Kink. She really can cum and cum so this scene from Fucking Machines was made for her. She starts off already naked on the bed with a butt plug in and a high speed vibrator bringing a few orgasms from her almost immediately.

It isn’t long before they put a fucking machine dildo in her pussy and turn it up to fast as she has orgasm after orgasm. She kept having more and more and never once took the vibrator from her pussy. There really is no satisfying her though so they add a second dildo machine in her ass.

They even used a third one in her mouth giving Holly Heart a triple Penetration as she goes through orgasm after painful orgasm. With the machines going at all different speeds it isn’t long before even Holly Heart has to give in. You can see her having forced multiple orgasms nonstop at Fucking Machines.

Chloe Camilla Has Quiet Forced Orgasms

11612 p 09 450x300 Chloe Camilla Has Quiet Forced Orgasms

See Chloe forced to keep quiet

Chloe Camilla has shot to the top in the Kink world. She hasn’t been here long but she has such mind blowing orgasms that people either think she is faking it or she enjoys her orgasms better and louder than any other woman on here. They put a condition on her in this scene telling her she could only whisper and not make too much noise.

They started off by watching her strip then putting suction on her tits pulling her tits hard. A machine dildo is put against her clit and put onto high vibrate mode until she had her first silent orgasm. The machine dildo is placed inside her and put onto high and you can see how hard she is having to concentrate to keep quiet as orgasm after forced orgasm is ripped from her.

She is led on her back then to test how well she can handle herself as a fucking machine is inserted in her ass and an handheld dildo in her pussy for some double penetration. She did well as these brutal orgasms are forced from her managing to keep quiet even though her eyes rolled to the back of her head. See Chloe having forced orgasms quietly at Fucking Machines.

MILF Nikki Daniels Forced To Orgasm

14435 p 12 450x300 MILF Nikki Daniels Forced To Orgasm

Watch Nikki have painful orgasms here

Nikki Daniels came into this scen saying she had never had so much fun she wanted to quit so they put her to the test. They started off using a big machine dildo and within 30 seconds she had it going at full speed though orgasms. She went through a few before using the Hitachi on herself to get some more.

After that Shockspot got a few more painful orgasms from her as she was made to sit on top of it which pounded some more from her. Even more forced orgasms were to follow as the Hitachi was used alongside Shockspot before they brought out the one they thought would finish her.

Big Blue is a 9 inch dildo which is about 6 inches thick, they measured it and it was the same size as her arm. That pounds out some brutal orgasms from her with the Hitachi on her clit. This scene has a bonus ending where her massive sore clit is sucked into a vibrating suction cup. You can see Nikki have forced multiple orgasms at Fucking Machines.

Gia Dimarco Machine Fucked

11285 p 10 450x253 Gia Dimarco Machine Fucked

Watch Gis made to have multiple orgasms

This is part 3 of a 4 part series with Gia DiMarco being punished live. They start by stripping her and putting er in a straightjacket. She is turned upside down and dangled by her ankles before they put a fucking machine with a dildo in her pussy.

She is forced to orgasm over and over before Maestro joins in the action stripping off. He face fucks her while she is hanging and having more painful orgasms. A zipper is placed down both legs and soon she is screaming from the forced orgasms as her cum drips down her belly.

As she is going through one painful orgasm they rip the zippers off but let the machine fucking continue. They spank her ass hard as she has another orgasm before removing the machine. You can see Gia having a load of forced orgasms at Device Bondage.

Orgasm Overload For Ami Emerson

25921 6 450x300 Orgasm Overload For Ami Emerson

How many orgasms can Ami have

Ami Emerson has said she can keep going and going with literally no limit to the amount of orgasms she can have. To put this to the test they told her to try a fucking machine and she isn’t allowed to stop until they allow it. She was grinning as the first machine dildo got forced multiple orgasms from her.

She even fingered her clit to make them more intense so they put her on a bigger dildo. This machine fucked her hard and fast though orgasm after orgasm which she kept hepling with her fingering her clit but by the end she was having screaming orgasms rather than grinning through them.

That’s when they stepped it up using the fastest fucking machine they have. This massive dildo pounded her pussy so hard and through so many forced orgasms but she never one complained. By the end she could hardly breathe but she had won, they had giving up on ever breaking her. You can see Ami made to have multiple orgasms at Fucking Machines.

Two Girls Forced To Orgasm

20926 0 450x300 Two Girls Forced To Orgasm

Watch these two have a squirting competition

Annie Cruz and Mallory Malone both love being made to have as many orgasms as possible. Mallory being the greedy one got to start with Annie fisting her pussy until she was soaking wet then her fist was replaced by a giant dildo attached to a fucking machine. Annie held an Hitachi on Mallorys clit and a funnel below her as she had one orgasm after another.

It was Annies turn next, led on her back with a machine dildo in her ass while she held an Hitachi on her clit. The dildo pounded orgasm after orgasm from her before she moved it to her pussy. They caught a load more fluid from her squirting orgasm before she pulled it out for Mallory to finger her to a few more forced orgasms.

The competition really heated up after that with both girls sitting on a Sybian each facing each other with a camera pointing up from below and between them. The camera caught them squirting orgasms over and over again with each trying to stay on for one more painful orgasm than the other. You can see both girls have painful orgasms at Fucking Machines.

Forced Multiple Orgasms For Tessa Lane

28933 6 450x299 Forced Multiple Orgasms For Tessa Lane

See how many times Tessa can cum

Tessa is more full bodied than most of the girls that come to Fucking Machines but it has to be said she more than makes up for that with her ability to orgasm over and over. She starts off on her back having her pussy pounded by a large dildo while holding an Hitachi on her clit through a load of orgasms.

Not stopping there she used it until they asked her to move to another machine. On all fours they try to start off slow but she complains so they put that on full speed as she ploughs through more brutal orgasms. Next up is the Sybian where she holds her clit down on it as she is made to have multiple orgasms on this machine that would have tired anyone else out.

Still not done even after the Sybian she has another fucking machine used on her while an Hitachi on a mechanical arm is pressed on her already sensitive clit. She again asks for it to go full speed and takes the painful orgasms one after the other, never asking for it to slop till the director calls cut. You can see Tessa Lane forced to orgasm more than most women could take at Fucking Machines.

Nicotine Made To Have Multiple Orgasms

6957 p 6957 1 Nicotine Made To Have Multiple Orgasms

Watch Princess Donna shock her pussy

When mental patient Nicotine is visited by her husband she makes claims that she is being used and abused by the staff. Nurse Princess Donna convinces him that these are delusions, she even convinces Nicotine then after her husband leaves she returns to the bedside. With Nicotine already restrained Donna puts her hand over her mouth and tells her the truth then strips off to reveal topless leather. She strips off Nicotine then fingers her pussy with rubber gloves on before spanking her ass.

An electric butt plug is inserted then a violet wand on her pussy has her screaming. Having her tits whipped while an Hitachi on her clit and violet wand at her ass soon has her to her first orgasm. With the Hitachi in place she is fingered to another orgasm before being tied down with her ass in the air, the buttplug still in as her ass is whipped. An electric dildo is placed in her pussy next to the buttplug and clamps on her pussy lips keep her open. A zapper is used on her before she has her ass caned then the toys removed so Princess Donna can fuck her with a Samurai.

The hitachi is also used to get a few more orgasms before she is tied lying down with EMS pads on her tits and Donna pinching her clit which is already sensitive. A suction tube on her clit causes more pain before being removed for the Hitachi to replace it as she is strapon fucked by Donna. She goes through more brutal orgasms as she is strapon fucked with the Hitachi on her clit and her tits being shocked. Even the dental gag can’t stop her screams as Donna alternates between strapon and fingering her through so many painful orgasms. You can see Nicotine go through forced orgasms at WiredPussy.

See Isis and Gia squirt from machine fucking

30881 9 450x300 See Isis and Gia squirt from machine fucking

See Isis and Gia squirt from machine fucking


Two true lesbians in action like Isis Love and Gia DiMarco just can’t be missed especially when they get together to see who has the most orgasms. Kissing is enough to get them wet and sitting on an Hitachi while licking pussy soon brings in the first orgasm from Isis. Once Gia has her first from the Hitachi they move onto the machines.

Gia on her back and Isis on all fours take a machine pounding and as the machines speed up Hitachis are held on the clit to bring about more orgasms. With Gia controlling the speed of Isis machine she is soon sped on her way to a massive squirting orgasm that leaves her dizzy. Isis then fists pussy to get Gia to orgasm before Gia lies on her back with a machine fucking her full pelt while fisting Isis who is standing over her.

With an Hitachi on her clit as well Isis soon squirts all over Gia then it is Gias turn to be held down as the machine pounds a squirting orgasm from her as Isis holds the Hitachi on her clit. Isis squirts another over Gia as Gia squirts from the machine fucking. Gia on her back is anal fucked to more orgasms as Isis continues to squirt all over her from sitting on a Sybian right above her head. You can see these 2 made to have multiple orgasms at Fucking Machines.

Kelly Surfer Made to Cum Over And Over

10502 p 06 450x253 Kelly Surfer Made to Cum Over And Over

Watch Kelly forced to orgasm

Australian stunner Kelly Surfer agreed to this scene agreeing to be made to cum any way they want so they tied her upside down against a pole. Her hands are tied to her head so she has no movement then they surprise her by caning her feet to soften her up. He places an Hitachi vibrator on her clit then and fingers her to her first squirting orgasm, the first of many.

Our little Aussie girl is back. This tiny, sexy blond is the perfect girl-next-door. You would never know she does porn and can squirt when she cums. With her feet tied to each side of the post she can’t move in either direction so the vibrator stays steady on her sensitive clit.

She cums over and over but he holds the vibrator steady on her clit as she squirts all over herself. At one point he holds the dripping vibrator over her mouth and makes her swallow her own cum. After so many screaming orgasms she loses count he finally releases her. You can see Kelly have squirting orgasms at Hogtied.