Bobbi Starr Give Forced Orgasms

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At the start of this scene you see Bobbi Starr, Jessie Cox and Juliette March in a lesbian threesome all having fun. They all please each other with pussy licking and fingering and some ass licking but Bobbi gets bored and decides to take charge. She slaps faces and grabs hair until they tell her they will do what she asks.

Bobbi starts off with some tit slapping then bends them both over for some rough fingering and ass spanking. They are both made to lick pussy before being tied on all fours to have their pussy slapped and ass fingered. Buttplugs are inserted and ass paddling is next before being fucked with a stick dildo while the buttplug is still in.

Bobbi pulls on their nipple clamps before getting foot worship then pulling the clamps off completely. She strapon fucks one then makes her deepthroat it before moving on to strapon ass fuck the other. She makes them lick it clean before she lets them go. Watch Bobbi Starr give forced multiple orgasms to two women at WhippedAss.

Beretta James Made To Cum Too Much

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Beretta James is a stunning MILF and this was her initial scene to see how much she could take. First she is tied with her arms behind her giving her no control as she is face fucked. She is bent over with her skirt up to have her ass spanked before her top is pulled doen so he can pinch her nipples.

She is put on the floor with one leg tied in the air so she has no control over anything where she has her ass spanked. An Hitachi rips a few orgasms from her before he whips her sensitive clit. The pussy whipping continues until her pussy is red which only seems to get her more excited.

She actually has another forced orgsm from the whipping before he goes back to conventional torture. The Hitachi brings forced multiple orgasm from her including a few last painful orgasms which have her screaming from the pleasure and pain. You can see Beretta James forced to cum at Hogtied.

Veronica Avluv Takes On 5 Machines

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Watch Veronica made to orgasm

Veronica Avluv was invited back because of all the fan mail asking for another scene with her. She is so popular because she has no limits and can orgasm for hours at a time. In this scene she starts on a kitchen counter having her pussy pounded by a fucking machine. Rubbing her clit speeds her on her way to her first squirting orgasm.

Not taking a break the machine is turned up to a faster speed for a few more before they change machines and use a bigger dildo as she bends over a chair. Pussy pounded to a few more orgasms she just doesn’t want to stop but has to for the next machine. In the bedroom on all fours she is made to have multiple orgasms that would make most women scream in agony.

She keeps backing onto the machine, rubbing her clit and begging for more even though the sheets are soaking wet. While waiting for them to get the next machine ready she fingers herself to more orgasms and does the same as she waits for the fifth one. After being told it’s the last one she asks for the biggest dildo to be put on it and an Hitachi. They practically have to pry her away at the end. Watch the insatiable Veronica take the most orgasms ever in any of the scenes at Fucking Machines.

Roxy Rox Forced To Cum Over And Over

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Watch Roxy made to have multiple orgasms

Roxy Rox went into her first scene much like others, wanting more than they can actually handle but she had agreed to let them use her how they wanted so they did. Tied, gagged and in suspension bondage an Hitachi is placed inside her knickers and her nipples are pinched hard before they place pegs on her tits.

The panties are cut off, her pussy whipped and fingered to orgasm after orgasm while an Hitachi is held on her clit. He is brutal, spanking her pussy after an orgasm then tying her with her legs spread to whip her pussy and tits. A stick dildo brings more orgasms before fingering her pussy with an Hitachi on her clit brings the first of many squirting orgasms.

Still not satisfied she is tied on a Sybian with her legs spread, her arms tied to the ground and no chance to move as he pinches her nipples. An Hitachi is tied to her clit to add to the vibrations, pegs on her nipples and her back whipped through more brutal orgasms. By the end of it she is arching so much she’s lifting the Sybian off the floor. You can see Roxys forced orgasms at Hogtied.

Tia Ling Has Many Forced Orgasms From Electric Sex

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Tia Ling seems to have a great endurance so Donna decides to push her to the limit. She is tied up and her nipples pinched then rope attached to her nipple piercings for them to be pulled. A fucking machine in her ass is used as she is forced to orgasm as Donna whips her pussy. A vibrator on her pussy as she is ass fucked brings about more intense orgasms before a cattle prod is used. A samurai is inserted shocking her pussy as the vibrator on her sensitive clit has her screaming. She is pussy fucked with the Samurai through forced multiple orgasms before she has her clit caned. Loads of women made to have multiple orgasms can be found at WiredPussy.

Ashlynn Leigh Breaks The Fucking Machine

17409 p 19 450x300 Ashlynn Leigh Breaks The Fucking Machine

Watch Ashlynn take forced multiple orgasms

Ashlynn Leigh was the perfect girl for this scene. She may be a teenager but has limitless potential for orgasms, in fact she asked to start off with the Sybian which is the most powerful machine on set. After going though some orgasms she jumped off and played with her clit to another orgasm before the fucking machines took over.

She took the first massive dildo which pounded out loads of orgasms for her but she was happy to stay there. The forced orgasms seem to turn her on as she shoved fingers in her ass. Next up was the speedy handheld one which pounded her pussy so fast her screams were vibrating.

The Fucksall eventually gave up, smoke pouring from it to the point where they had to stop the scene even though Ashlyunn seemed happy to go on. She had hit double figures way before then and the squirting orgasms left the sheets soaking. You can watch Ashlynn go through loads of brutal orgasms at Fucking Machines.

Yasmine De Leon Gets Forced Multiple Orgasms In Bondage

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Yasmine De Leon is tied down with metal bars bent backwards over a barrel with her pussy in the air. She has her pussy whipped then her nipples pulled by her piercings. Her tits are whipped then her pussy whipped and vibrated to orgasm. The vibrator is kept on her sensitive clit then zippers attached from her tits to her thighs. A large dildo is attached to a fucking machine which is put on high speed drawing many painful orgasms till she is begging for them to stop. On her last most intense orgasm the zippers are ripped off to her squeals. See more women made to have multiple orgasms at Device Bondage.

Felony Taking Way Too Many Forced Orgasms

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In this scene you get to watch Felony forced to orgasm so many times you know she has to be in pain. She is stripped and has nipple clamps attached before a vibrator brings her first forced orgasm. Her feet are tied behind her head and a dildo in her ass make her wet while a cane is used on her. Again the vibrator on her clit brings another squirting orgasm and is left there till she has another screaming orgasm. She is rolled over onto a bench and has her ass spanked before a dildo is inserted again with the vibrator used for more forced orgasms. When the dildo is removed a huge puddle is left on the bench. She has had a load of orgasms before being put onto a sybian and tied down with a zipper attached. She has loads more intense orgasms leaving the sybian soaking wet and the last one was such a painful orgasm she didn’t even feel the zipper being ripped off. Watch this stunning come machine at Hogtied.

Vanessa Cage Made To Cum

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Vanessa Cage has been told she has to walk through a cemetery as her pledge to join a sorority. She doesn’t scare easily so this was no problem for her and when she hears a noise instead of running away she goes looking for it. She ends up in a tomb where she discovers loads of fucking machines.

She strips off and sticks one machine dildo in her pussy and holds an Hitachi on her clit as she ramps up the speed on the machine. she goes through orgasm after orgasm before moving onto the second machine with a much bigger dildo which she puts up to even higher speeds as the orgasms become painful.

Next she moves on to sit on a Sybian and forces herself to sit still as she goes through more and more orgasms. She squeezes her nipples to take her mind off it but keeps going through one brutal orgasm after another. You can see Vanessa Cage having one forced orgasm after another at Fucking Machines.

Big Tits Halie James Forced Orgasms

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This was Halies James first try at the kinky sex so they wanted to test her limits. They used a machine on her thinking she would tell them when it was deep enough, that never happened. She took the whole dildo at full speed giving her forced multiple orgasms, in fact the had to hold the machine to stop her taking the steel shaft as well. It pounds her fast enough that her huge tits flap up and down before she is turned over onto hands and knees to take the machine from behind. The machine pounds another painful orgasm from her while her tits rest over the back of a chair and a vibrator on her sensitive clit gets her screaming. She’s oiled up and placed on the Sybian where more orgasms are pounded from her leaving her a dripping mess. This and many other scenes can be found at Fucking Machines.