Charley Chase Tricked Into Forced Orgasms

9737 p 09 450x300 Charley Chase Tricked Into Forced Orgasms

Watch Charley having painful orgasms

The last time Charley Chase was on Fucking Machines she had so many forced orgasms she almost passed out. This time they decided to try and push her over the edge. She was told from the start she could use the Sybian to get as many orgasms as possible but that would be the end of the scene.

Another condition was that she couldn’t move, they put a skeleton around her and told her if one bone fell from the bed that was the end of the scene. It was fun watching her made to have multiple orgasms and going mad trying to hold herself steady. She had so many squirting orgasms that the bed was soaking and the last one was such an intense orgasm she jumped from the bed.

As a surprise though they lay her on her back and used a fucking machine called the Baby Seal, a massive dildo that fucked more forced orgasms from her. After a few of those they bent her over for a few more then back on her back for the dildo and a vibrator on her very sore clit for even more painful orgasms.She is screaming so loud by the last brutal orgasm we all had headaches from it. Watch the stunning Charley forced to orgasm over and over at Fucking Machines.

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