Two Girls Forced Multiple Orgasms

12593 p 03 450x253 Two Girls Forced Multiple Orgasms

Watch an orgasm competition ending in overload

Rain Degrey and Felony star in part 4 of a live show called Orgasmageddon. Isis Love and Princess Donna have already got more than enough orgasms out of them before this part starts and they are already very sensitive. Both are tied spreadeagled to the floor helpless to stop any more orgasms.

Vibrators are used to get a few brutal orgasms from them then without a rest men are brought on to finger fuck them to more before going back to the vibrator. Both are screaming from orgasm overload and trying to turn away but they are held there for more.

By the end they are screaming and crying as more and more orgasms are wrenched from them. Isis fist fucks one past her limits and she starts crying and muttering in tongues as far as we could tell. They are left in a heap on the soaking floor. You can watch these two stunners having painful orgasms at Hogtied.

Amber Rayne Forced To Cum In Chains

13812 p 10 450x300 Amber Rayne Forced To Cum In Chains

Watch Amber forced to orgasm here

Amber Rayne is handed over to Sargeant Major to see what her orgasm limit is and it turns out to be very high. She is chained to a bed with her legs spread wide, a ballgag fitted and an inflatable anal plug inserted and inflated. Pegs on her pussy and some pegs on her nipples make her scream through the gag so he removes it so he can hear her screams better.

He uses an Hitachi on her pussy making her beg for an orgasm before finally allowing it. Immediately after she cums he holds the Hitachi to her clit making her scream. He fingers her as well until she has more brutal orgasms then gives her more pain by whipping the pegs off her tits.

She is tied on a Sybian leaning forward with a buttplug in her ass and screaming from her sensitive clit so to add to the pain he spanks then whips her ass. The more painful orgasms she has from the Sybian the more she screams and the harder he whips her ass until finally caning her ass for the last thundering orgasm. You can see Amber Rayne made to cum over and over at Device Bondage.

Mia Li Forced Orgasms From 7 Machines

34141 18 450x300 Mia Li Forced Orgasms From 7 Machines

Watch Mia forced to orgasm here

Mia Li really has no limits and even after seven fucking machines she still was happy to keep going. She is stripped off and placed on her back for the first one while sitting on a swing seat. She goes through a few orgasms before they change up to a lot bigger dildo machine which pounds out some brutal orgasms so intense she starts shaking.

Flipping her over another maching is used and this one is set at full speed and as deep as it will go. An Hitachi held on her clit means she is practically going from one forced orgasm to another within seconds until she is just continuously dripping. Being made to have multiple orgasms doesn’t seem a problem for her though as she holds the Hitachi there even after the machine is taken away.

Led on her back for the next machine she also has nipple suction added to get her more excited as the machine pounds more orgasms from her. Vibes on her nipples help but she just won’t stop adding an Hitachi to her clit herself. The vibes are moved over her clit as another machine gets more forced multiple orgasms from her before they admitted defeat. She even looked upset when they took the machines from her. You can see Mia win the battle at Fucking Machines.

MILF Felony Tied Down And Forced To Orgasm

8750 p 09 450x300 MILF Felony Tied Down And Forced To Orgasm

Click here to see Felony made to have multiple orgasms

This scene shows us how hard someone can really come and how painful orgasms can get. Felony is a MILF with a rock hard body and has very intense orgasms but also gets very sensitive straight after one. She is tied down using metal pipes, nipple clamps are attached to her nipples and via rope to her big toes while her pussy is whipped. A vibrator is used on her clit and she is fingered to her first forced orgasm and immediately a dildo is attached to the vibrator and inserted again with the vibe on her sensitive clit. These forced orgasms were so intense and so often she managed to pull off the tight nipple clamps from her legs thrashing out and managed to break the ring gag from screaming and biting down. Go to Device Bondage to see some of the most brutal orgasms you’ll ever see.

Annie Cruz Forced To Orgasm

13820 p 10 450x253 Annie Cruz Forced To Orgasm

Watch Annie squirt in bondage

Annie Cruz is well known for having squirting orgasms so they decided to make sure she had way more than she could handle. She was tied in suspension bondage upsaide down with her hands behind her back and tits tied tight. Weighted nipple clamps stretch her tits as her pussy is whipped before he whips her ass red.

Her ass is caned before an Hitachi is held on her clit to bring her close to orgasm. She complains as he puts more weights on so he pulls her forward by her nipple clamps onto his cock, making her give him a forced deepthroat. He holds the Hitachi on her clit and just as she’s about to have her first forced orgasm he removes it and rubs her clit splashing her juices everywhere.

As soon as she’s finished he pulls her back on his cock and puts the Hitachi back on her clit until she is ready again then rubs her clit through another painful orgasm. He fingers her soaking wet pussy, then uses the Hitachi and rubs her clit thorugh forced multiple orgasms until she’s totally used up, then spanks her pussy for pleasure. You can see Annie Cruz go through brutal orgasms at Hogtied.

The Fuck Machine Queen

14552 p 04 450x300 The Fuck Machine Queen


Watch the final machine fucking

The finalists for the best machine fucker are Lorelei Lee and Isis Love and they are now into round 4 where they each have to take the largest dildo machine while an Hitachi wand is held to their clit without cumming. The one who holds out the longest is the winner.

Lorelei wins the heat with Isis having a squirting orgasm within minutes and but both are made to keep going until Lorelei has her own squirting orgasm. Round 5 takes a twist because Isis doesn’t do anal so Lorelei has the Twininserter used on her double penetrating while Isis sits on the Sybian about 3 feet away. Isis has to spray cum onto Lorelei before she finishes to win while Isis isn’t allowed off the Sybian until Lorelei finishes however many painful orgasms she has to go through.

Lorelei holds out well while Isis has to go through a few brutal orgasms without managing to reach Lorelei. With Lorelei winning the latest round they decide some compensation is due to Isis who gets to hold Lorelei down on the Sybian through forced multiple orgasms that leave her sore, even spreading her pussy and pushing her clit further onto it. You can see these two made to have multiple orgasms at Fucking Machines.

Elise Graves Takes Brutal Orgasms

13804 p 03 450x300 Elise Graves Takes Brutal Orgasms

Watch Isis Love give painful orgasms

This was the last part of a live show that had Elise Graves finally having the nipple suction cups taken off to show her nipples were a godd inch and half from her body. She is tied sitting on top of a sybian which is switched on. She screams like mad as the suction tubes are removed.

The tit torture doesn’t stop there, they tie rough string around her nipples which is then tied to the floor as she has her first forced orgasm. With her hands tied upward behind her and her nipples attached to the flood she can’t move back so her sensitive clit is kept pressing hard onto the sybian.

Her screams at the start are very loud and as her clit gets more and more sensitive they tighten the ropes attached to her nipples pulling her even further forward so her sensitive clit is pressing harder on the Sybian. She has so many forced orgasm the sweat is dripping off her. You can see Elise have forced multiple orgasms at Hogtied.

MILF Nikki Daniels Forced To Orgasm

14435 p 12 450x300 MILF Nikki Daniels Forced To Orgasm

Watch Nikki have painful orgasms here

Nikki Daniels came into this scen saying she had never had so much fun she wanted to quit so they put her to the test. They started off using a big machine dildo and within 30 seconds she had it going at full speed though orgasms. She went through a few before using the Hitachi on herself to get some more.

After that Shockspot got a few more painful orgasms from her as she was made to sit on top of it which pounded some more from her. Even more forced orgasms were to follow as the Hitachi was used alongside Shockspot before they brought out the one they thought would finish her.

Big Blue is a 9 inch dildo which is about 6 inches thick, they measured it and it was the same size as her arm. That pounds out some brutal orgasms from her with the Hitachi on her clit. This scene has a bonus ending where her massive sore clit is sucked into a vibrating suction cup. You can see Nikki have forced multiple orgasms at Fucking Machines.

Forced Multiple Orgasms For Tessa Lane

28933 6 450x299 Forced Multiple Orgasms For Tessa Lane

See how many times Tessa can cum

Tessa is more full bodied than most of the girls that come to Fucking Machines but it has to be said she more than makes up for that with her ability to orgasm over and over. She starts off on her back having her pussy pounded by a large dildo while holding an Hitachi on her clit through a load of orgasms.

Not stopping there she used it until they asked her to move to another machine. On all fours they try to start off slow but she complains so they put that on full speed as she ploughs through more brutal orgasms. Next up is the Sybian where she holds her clit down on it as she is made to have multiple orgasms on this machine that would have tired anyone else out.

Still not done even after the Sybian she has another fucking machine used on her while an Hitachi on a mechanical arm is pressed on her already sensitive clit. She again asks for it to go full speed and takes the painful orgasms one after the other, never asking for it to slop till the director calls cut. You can see Tessa Lane forced to orgasm more than most women could take at Fucking Machines.