Jenna Presley And Charley Chase Forced Orgasms

15189 p 09 450x300 Jenna Presley And Charley Chase Forced Orgasms

Watch these two try to outfuck each other

Jenna Presley And Charley Chase are fighting for the job of a lifetime. Every weekend they must ride fuck machines and have as many orgasms as possible. The winner gets a job where they just have to use the fuck machines and lie by the pool with every need catered for.

Jenna starts off using Big Blue, a massive dildo on a fucking machine and has 3 squirting orgasms one after the other while on her back, the dildo coming out as she squirts then a second later going straight back in. She bends over then to take Big Blue while on all fours as deep as it can go.

Next it’s Charleys turn. She starts off sat on a Sybian and takes orgasm after orgasm with Jenna in charge of the controls. Jenna tries to outdo her by not stopping the Sybian even after Charley has a forced orgasm leaving her sore. Eventually Charley takes the Sybian in her ass to give her pussy a rest. This competition means loads of forced multiple orgasms which you can see at Fucking Machines.

Lorelei And Charley Compete For Most Forced Orgasms

8285 p 07 450x300 Lorelei And Charley Compete For Most Forced Orgasms

Watch this great competition to see forced multiple orgasms here

When Loerlei Lee challenges Charley Chase to a competition to see who can be made to have multiple orgasms the most Charley is happy to accept. Charley starts by driving a steel pole into Loreleis ass without any lubricant then using a vibrator on her clit to bring about the first forced orgasm using forceps on her nipples and fingering her to help it along. Lorelei then is made to sit on a Sybian as Charley is made to use a machine. The Intruder, the fastest fucking machine around with a 10 inch dildo is used and it isn’t long before Charley has a squirting orgasm with Lorelei using a vibrator on her clit as the machine pounds in and out. Lorelei isn’t far behind either, squirting all over the Sybian. By the time these girls are finished they call it a tie and set about mopping up the floor. Go to Fucking Machines for this great scene.