MILF Nikki Daniels Forced To Orgasm

14435 p 12 450x300 MILF Nikki Daniels Forced To Orgasm

Watch Nikki have painful orgasms here

Nikki Daniels came into this scen saying she had never had so much fun she wanted to quit so they put her to the test. They started off using a big machine dildo and within 30 seconds she had it going at full speed though orgasms. She went through a few before using the Hitachi on herself to get some more.

After that Shockspot got a few more painful orgasms from her as she was made to sit on top of it which pounded some more from her. Even more forced orgasms were to follow as the Hitachi was used alongside Shockspot before they brought out the one they thought would finish her.

Big Blue is a 9 inch dildo which is about 6 inches thick, they measured it and it was the same size as her arm. That pounds out some brutal orgasms from her with the Hitachi on her clit. This scene has a bonus ending where her massive sore clit is sucked into a vibrating suction cup. You can see Nikki have forced multiple orgasms at Fucking Machines.

Charley Chase Tricked Into Forced Orgasms

9737 p 09 450x300 Charley Chase Tricked Into Forced Orgasms

Watch Charley having painful orgasms

The last time Charley Chase was on Fucking Machines she had so many forced orgasms she almost passed out. This time they decided to try and push her over the edge. She was told from the start she could use the Sybian to get as many orgasms as possible but that would be the end of the scene.

Another condition was that she couldn’t move, they put a skeleton around her and told her if one bone fell from the bed that was the end of the scene. It was fun watching her made to have multiple orgasms and going mad trying to hold herself steady. She had so many squirting orgasms that the bed was soaking and the last one was such an intense orgasm she jumped from the bed.

As a surprise though they lay her on her back and used a fucking machine called the Baby Seal, a massive dildo that fucked more forced orgasms from her. After a few of those they bent her over for a few more then back on her back for the dildo and a vibrator on her very sore clit for even more painful orgasms.She is screaming so loud by the last brutal orgasm we all had headaches from it. Watch the stunning Charley forced to orgasm over and over at Fucking Machines.

Amber Rayne And Jade Indica Forced To Orgasm

10298 p 05 450x253 Amber Rayne And Jade Indica Forced To Orgasm

Watch these 2 girls compete for forced orgasms

Amber and Jade are both tied up and told by Isis Love the last to escape will be punished. Amber manages to escape quickly so Jade is forced against a wall to have her ass whipped. Both are then tied sitting down with their legs in the air and zippers fitted as they are fingered to a forced orgasm.

They have their feet caned next before an Hitachi vibrator brings more orgasms from them and the zipper pulled off just as they come. Without stopping they are made to have more painful orgasms till the floor is dripping. They beg for mercy and think they have it when they back off.

What happens next almost puts them in shock. Both have Sybians locked into place against their pussies and are left there as they are made to have multiple orgasms that would have hurt had they been the first let alone having had so many already. This was a live show and you can see this recording of it at Device Bondage.

Two Girls Forced Multiple Orgasms

12593 p 03 450x253 Two Girls Forced Multiple Orgasms

Watch an orgasm competition ending in overload

Rain Degrey and Felony star in part 4 of a live show called Orgasmageddon. Isis Love and Princess Donna have already got more than enough orgasms out of them before this part starts and they are already very sensitive. Both are tied spreadeagled to the floor helpless to stop any more orgasms.

Vibrators are used to get a few brutal orgasms from them then without a rest men are brought on to finger fuck them to more before going back to the vibrator. Both are screaming from orgasm overload and trying to turn away but they are held there for more.

By the end they are screaming and crying as more and more orgasms are wrenched from them. Isis fist fucks one past her limits and she starts crying and muttering in tongues as far as we could tell. They are left in a heap on the soaking floor. You can watch these two stunners having painful orgasms at Hogtied.

Rain Degrey Has How Many Forced Multiple Orgasms In One Hour?

9719 p 12 450x253 Rain Degrey Has How Many Forced Multiple Orgasms In One Hour?

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This is part of the Live show which lasts an hour so they decided to see how many forced orgasms they can get from Rain. Isis Love helps by doing everything she can to keep the orgasms coming thick and fast. Rain is tied to the floor and a vibrator used through her knickers for her first orgasm,

Already sore her knickers are cut from her and she is fingered to another. Her third orgasm is forced from her using fingers and vibrator on her already sensitive clit and she is screaming already. All that has happened in 15 minutes of the one hour show.

I don’t want to spoil this for you but each one of the forced orgasms is making her more sensitive which makes her come faster so you can only imagine how many orgasms she has by the end of the hour. She is almost delirious by the end of it and the floor is soaking from all the squirting orgasms she has had. Go to Hotied to see how mnay painful orgasms they bring from this girl.

Forced Multiple Orgasms Almost Knock Out Brooke

9691 p 12 450x253 Forced Multiple Orgasms Almost Knock Out Brooke

See Brooke Lee Adams haing too many painful orgasms here

Brooke has always been multi orgasmic but everyone has limits. This scene had to place a disclaimer at the bottom saying nobody was hurt, that’s how bad it was and they even included a bit of footage of the aftercare she had to receive where she was nearly unconscious by the end of it.

She was tied on her back with her legs behind her head and her ass in the air. Her legs were caned and she had her pussy fingered to loosen her up with her first orgasm. A vibrator was placed on her clit then as they continued to force orgasms from her time after time to the sound of her screams.

After a few of what must have been very painful orgasms she broke into tears but where she had said for them to get as many as possible from her they carried on not knowing how much pain she was really in. It wasn’t until she started having trouble breathing from too many squirting orgasms that they had to stop. Go to Hogited to see Brooke made to have multiple orgasms.

Beretta James Made To Cum Too Much

17580 p 12 450x300 Beretta James Made To Cum Too Much

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Beretta James is a stunning MILF and this was her initial scene to see how much she could take. First she is tied with her arms behind her giving her no control as she is face fucked. She is bent over with her skirt up to have her ass spanked before her top is pulled doen so he can pinch her nipples.

She is put on the floor with one leg tied in the air so she has no control over anything where she has her ass spanked. An Hitachi rips a few orgasms from her before he whips her sensitive clit. The pussy whipping continues until her pussy is red which only seems to get her more excited.

She actually has another forced orgsm from the whipping before he goes back to conventional torture. The Hitachi brings forced multiple orgasm from her including a few last painful orgasms which have her screaming from the pleasure and pain. You can see Beretta James forced to cum at Hogtied.

Tia Ling Has Many Forced Orgasms From Electric Sex

9155 p 20 450x299 Tia Ling Has Many Forced Orgasms From Electric Sex

Download Princess Donna giving Tia painful orgasms here

Tia Ling seems to have a great endurance so Donna decides to push her to the limit. She is tied up and her nipples pinched then rope attached to her nipple piercings for them to be pulled. A fucking machine in her ass is used as she is forced to orgasm as Donna whips her pussy. A vibrator on her pussy as she is ass fucked brings about more intense orgasms before a cattle prod is used. A samurai is inserted shocking her pussy as the vibrator on her sensitive clit has her screaming. She is pussy fucked with the Samurai through forced multiple orgasms before she has her clit caned. Loads of women made to have multiple orgasms can be found at WiredPussy.

Yasmine De Leon Gets Forced Multiple Orgasms In Bondage

9900 p 08 450x300 Yasmine De Leon Gets Forced Multiple Orgasms In Bondage

Download Yasmin in restraints having forced orgasms.

Yasmine De Leon is tied down with metal bars bent backwards over a barrel with her pussy in the air. She has her pussy whipped then her nipples pulled by her piercings. Her tits are whipped then her pussy whipped and vibrated to orgasm. The vibrator is kept on her sensitive clit then zippers attached from her tits to her thighs. A large dildo is attached to a fucking machine which is put on high speed drawing many painful orgasms till she is begging for them to stop. On her last most intense orgasm the zippers are ripped off to her squeals. See more women made to have multiple orgasms at Device Bondage.

Katie Kox Forced To Orgasm In Bondage

8532 p 11 450x300 Katie Kox Forced To Orgasm In Bondage

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Katie Kox first scene at Device Bondage is a great one. She is bound bent backwards over some wood with her hands and feet tied to the ground using metal pipes. Her massive tits are tied with elastic bands so tied her tits turn purple and then the fucking machine Alpha is inserted. The machine starts off slow while her tits are mauled then it’s turned up fast with a vibrator used on her clit forcing orgasms from her. She is made to lick her own pierced nipples and more painful orgasms are brought from her as the machine is turned to full speed. It’s going that fast and deep her stomach starts to shake, either from the machine or the intense orgasms. Go to Device Bondage to see more of Katie.