Felony Taking Way Too Many Forced Orgasms

7961 p 13 450x253 Felony Taking Way Too Many Forced Orgasms

Watch Felony made to have multiple orgasms here

In this scene you get to watch Felony forced to orgasm so many times you know she has to be in pain. She is stripped and has nipple clamps attached before a vibrator brings her first forced orgasm. Her feet are tied behind her head and a dildo in her ass make her wet while a cane is used on her. Again the vibrator on her clit brings another squirting orgasm and is left there till she has another screaming orgasm. She is rolled over onto a bench and has her ass spanked before a dildo is inserted again with the vibrator used for more forced orgasms. When the dildo is removed a huge puddle is left on the bench. She has had a load of orgasms before being put onto a sybian and tied down with a zipper attached. She has loads more intense orgasms leaving the sybian soaking wet and the last one was such a painful orgasm she didn’t even feel the zipper being ripped off. Watch this stunning come machine at Hogtied.

Big Tits Halie James Forced Orgasms

8439 p 14 450x300 Big Tits Halie James Forced Orgasms

Watch Halie forced to orgasm using machines here

This was Halies James first try at the kinky sex so they wanted to test her limits. They used a machine on her thinking she would tell them when it was deep enough, that never happened. She took the whole dildo at full speed giving her forced multiple orgasms, in fact the had to hold the machine to stop her taking the steel shaft as well. It pounds her fast enough that her huge tits flap up and down before she is turned over onto hands and knees to take the machine from behind. The machine pounds another painful orgasm from her while her tits rest over the back of a chair and a vibrator on her sensitive clit gets her screaming. She’s oiled up and placed on the Sybian where more orgasms are pounded from her leaving her a dripping mess. This and many other scenes can be found at Fucking Machines.

Two Sluts Forced To Orgasm Many Times

8210 p 16 450x300 Two Sluts Forced To Orgasm Many Times

Watch Isis Love give forced orgasms to 2 beauties here

When Isis was handed Holly Heart and Tara Lynn Foxx as subs she came up with the idea of a coming competition. She decided that the girls would be made to have multiple orgasms with the winner being the one that lasted the longest. She used clothespins on nipples with electricity running through it to warm the up and forced pussy licking along with a zapper. Next was the best bit, both placed on a Sybian they were gagged and tied with arms behind there backs with copper rods in front an back of them. Each time they squirmed there tits touched the rod and they got zapped meaning that even through orgasm they had to sit still. You could hear them screaming through every forced orgasm even through the ball gag. A cane was also used to throw them off and even to press their clits onto the Sybian making it an even more painful orgasm. Next they were tied with legs in the air, an electric buttplug inserted and a vibrator used on their clits bringing more orgasms before a cattle prod was introduced. This scene from WiredPussy is great for those of you into forced multiple orgasms.

Lorelei And Charley Compete For Most Forced Orgasms

8285 p 07 450x300 Lorelei And Charley Compete For Most Forced Orgasms

Watch this great competition to see forced multiple orgasms here

When Loerlei Lee challenges Charley Chase to a competition to see who can be made to have multiple orgasms the most Charley is happy to accept. Charley starts by driving a steel pole into Loreleis ass without any lubricant then using a vibrator on her clit to bring about the first forced orgasm using forceps on her nipples and fingering her to help it along. Lorelei then is made to sit on a Sybian as Charley is made to use a machine. The Intruder, the fastest fucking machine around with a 10 inch dildo is used and it isn’t long before Charley has a squirting orgasm with Lorelei using a vibrator on her clit as the machine pounds in and out. Lorelei isn’t far behind either, squirting all over the Sybian. By the time these girls are finished they call it a tie and set about mopping up the floor. Go to Fucking Machines for this great scene.

Jessie Cox Has Forced Orgasms With A Speculum Inserted

8438 p 09 450x300 Jessie Cox Has Forced Orgasms With A Speculum Inserted

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Jessie wanted to give the audience something they had never seen before and agreed to have a speculum inserted and to have forced multiple orgasms with a close up of her pussy. With the speculum spread wide Fuckzilla presses a vibrator hard onto her clit forcing orgasms from her, in fact she has a few in the space of a few minutes. She is released then but tied up sitting on a Sybian with it set on it’s highest setting. A mouth gag is used while she is tied in a straight jacket.  She has so many forced orgasms that she falls over but the Sybian goes with her giving her more painful orgasms until she begs them to stop. Fucking Machines has a free trailer of Jessie forced to orgasm.